The Year’s House Painting Color Trends Are Here!

t’s 2017! Now that the year has begun, have you considered what your plans for house painting are going to be this summer? You may think you don’t need it, but you might be surprised. Painting your home doesn’t merely make it look nice—it protects it, too! If your home seems to be getting a little faded, it’s time to consider a fresh coat of a trusty standby or trying something new and exciting to showcase who you are (or maybe who you intend to be in the new year). The great news is that for the adventurous homeowner, now is a good time to be looking at the house painting color trends for 2017. Below are the themes and color trends of a couple of the high-quality painting-world names you’re probably already familiar with, and which we at Donovan’s Painting proudly offer to our customers.

Sherwin-Williams is offering house painting themes that reflect much of the restlessness of current events and the future toward which we’re all moving: “Noir” (top of right image) provides a haven from everyday insanity; “holistic” (top middle) is clean and open for those who need space; “Intrepid” (bottom middle) offers a bold combination of the real and the virtual; and “unbounded” (bottom) is a reminder to everyone to welcome coexistence and the benefits of which we all reap.

Benjamin Moore 2017 house painting color of the year is Shadow—a rich purple shade that can range from lavender to amethyst to plum depending on lighting and mood. As you can easily see from the image to the left, there is such a great variety in its shades that it’s suitable for most social—or not-so-social—situations; this soothing color will easily ensconce the more active and numerous inhabitants of a room in an air of mystery, creativity, and dignity while simultaneously providing those who enjoy their privacy with extra senses of calmness, seclusion, and intimacy. This makes it a great choice whether you want to use it in a bedroom, a home office, or any room that’s typically used to entertain guests.

Of course, these aren’t your only options for themes and color, and you can always include others in your house if you have enough rooms in need of painting and inhabitants who want to express themselves. But no matter what you choose—whether you jump on board with this year’s house painting color trends or decide to walk your own path—when you’re ready to get your paint on, give us a call or send us an email. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

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