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If you’re an owner of a home, one thing you should do regularly is interior painting. Interior painting of any home is necessary for the maintenance of your home just as much as it’s the best option to change internal look and shape of your home and rooms with minimal effort. With that in mind, it may be that you want to change interior look of your home, or perhaps it’s your habit to regularly change the colors in your home; sometimes, it’s simply necessary for the repair and general upkeep of your home.


Many people paint their homes themselves, which may work out if the homeowner has the time, strength, equipment, and experience necessary to complete the job. On the other hand, there are many people who have no idea about home interior painting, no time to do it even if they did, or just lack the physical capacity to go through with it. For those in Maryland who can’t do the work on their own, Donovan’s Painting is here. Hiring us takes the burdens of time, effort, and materials from you and hands them to a company with years of experience in this exact area.

We’re a premiere interior painting company that’s been helping commercial and residential customers in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas find the perfect finish for their home or office. We’ll help you redefine the mood and atmosphere of your home with the perfect color and design.

A fresh look. A vibrant accent. Eye-pleasing color and detail. Whether you’re painting one wall of your office or every room in a mansion, Donovan’s is here to do it right.

Our Painting Services in Maryland


“Donovan’s painting is simply the best in the business.”
– William B., Ellicott City (See more customer comments)

Honesty. Professionalism. Quality. Service.

Interior Painters – Howard County, Baltimore MD
Every brushstroke made a difference
in this magnificent interior.

Painting a house doesn’t consist of merely coloring the walls. There are various factors that need to be accounted for before you can actually do the job. Things like matching shades and the quantity of coating are just two of the factors which are very simple but need to be managed quickly. This is where experience comes in because you have to look for all these features before getting started. Donovan’s represents everything you’re looking for in an interior painting contractor. You’ll find us prompt, pleasant, and professional in every way. We prepare thoroughly, work carefully and quietly, and clean up completely.

You’ll love the results—beautiful color and exceptional detail that’s sure to please the most discriminating eye.

It’s no wonder that decorator show houses and fine home builders turn to Donovan’s. They expect the best, and so should you. Click below to read more about the state of the art preparation techniques that allow us to deliver the highest quality interior paint services available in Maryland.

Interested in learning about our state-of-the-art preparation techniques?

Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colors

The experts at Donovan’s Painting will help you choose the right interior paint colors and products to match your style (click here to contact us for a free, no obligation quote). Here are some principles to consider for your interior paint project:

  • Are you creating a warm or cool color scheme? Which is the predominant color in your palette, and which are accent colors?
  • Would you like to use color to create depth, width, and manipulate space in your interior (if your room is long and narrow, darker walls at the end of the room will create an illusion of width)?
  • Would you like to make a small room appear larger by choosing a lighter paint and matching the color with the furnishings?
  • What surfaces would you like to emphasize with bold patterns? What surfaces would you like to de-emphasize with simple patterns and solids?
  • Do you want to attract attention to your ceilings with light colors, or direct the eye back to eye level with dark colors to focus attention on the furnishings and walls in your room?
  • What kind of light exists in your room? Fluorescent lights will bring out cooler colors like green and blue, whereas incandescent light will bring out warm colors. Consider the differences in the appearance of the room during daylight and at night.
  • What will be the emotional impact of colors in your room? A color placed on the ceiling will have a different aesthetic and emotional effect than that same color placed on the floor. For example, imagine the difference in feeling between a red ceiling and a red floor.

Donovan’s will guide you through all of these considerations and more to help you create the perfect atmosphere and style for your room’s interior. Click here to contact us today!Contact Us

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