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Faux finishes are a wonderful way to express your unique sense of style. Deborah uses faux finishes to transform ordinary surfaces in your home or commercial space. With techniques created during the Classical Period, Medieval Times and the Renaissance, she can alter plain white columns to take on the look of marble or modify plain white wainscoting to appear as mahogany. The most ordinary wall can become “stone” or Venetian Plaster; even a more current finish, such as linen or denim, can be created.

Faux Finishes by Deborah Weir

  • Custom decorative painting (e.g., fleur-de-lis, French-style roping)
  • Custom murals (e.g., gardens, jungles, fields)
  • Faux marble, wood, metal, leather
  • Bright, fun art for kids’ rooms

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