Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Services

Whether you are painting the exterior of your home to boost its curb appeal, change a color you don’t like or refresh an old paint job, one thing is certain: Painting your home’s exterior is a large job that requires proper planning, preparation, and tools. In most cases, painting your home’s exterior is a job best left to a pro.

An important factor of any home is its curb appeal. When guests arrive, you want to welcome them to a beautiful home. Paint goes a LONG way in helping that. And not only does this cosmetic face lift increase property value, but it also can solve a number of other problems you never even knew were related!

The outside of your home takes a beating throughout the year, baking in the blistering summer heat and then splintering from extreme cold and ice throughout the winter. While exterior paints are designed to withstand this kind of relentless exposure, it still does not mitigate the need for regular touchups over a lifetime of ownership.

Signs You’re Due for a Paint Job

There a few ways to tell if you are especially in need of a new paint job:

  • “Alligatoring” or checking – when the paint develops cracks, adding an alligator-like or split texture.
  • Blistering – when the paint bubbles up, usually on trim
  • Chalking – fine powder that accumulates over the paint surface
  • Mildew – arguably the worst, this living fungus actually feeds off paint film in the form of a rust-colored stain.
  • Peeling – usually caused by moisture, this is common in more humid areas and can indicate time-worn paint.

Donovan’s Painting has been serving Maryland with premiere exterior painting services for more than twenty years. We know from experience that there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to create the perfect finish for your home or business. Contact Donovan’s Painting today for professional exterior painting services!