The experts at Donovan’s Painting will help you choose the right interior paint colors and products to match your style (click here to contact us for a free, no obligation quote). Here are some principles to consider for your interior paint project:

  • Are you creating a warm or cool color scheme? Which is the predominant color in your palette, and which are accent colors?
  • Would you like to use color to create depth, width, and manipulate space in your interior (if your room is long and narrow, darker walls at the end of the room will create an illusion of width)?
  • Would you like to make a small room appear larger by choosing a lighter paint and matching the color with the furnishings?
  • What surfaces would you like to emphasize with bold patterns? What surfaces would you like to de-emphasize with simple patterns and solids?
  • Do you want to attract attention to your ceilings with light colors, or direct the eye back to eye level with dark colors to focus attention on the furnishings and walls in your room?
  • What kind of light exists in your room? Fluorescent lights will bring out cooler colors like green and blue, whereas incandescent light will bring out warm colors. Consider the differences in the appearance of the room during daylight and at night.
  • What will be the emotional impact of colors in your room? A color placed on the ceiling will have a different aesthetic and emotional effect than that same color placed on the floor. For example, imagine the difference in feeling between a red ceiling and a red floor.

Donovan’s will guide you through all of these considerations and more to help you create the perfect atmosphere and style for your room’s interior. Click here to contact us today! Contact Us

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